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Tehuacana Creek Vineyards and Winery, Waco, Texas


We make about 20 different wines, but since we are a small producer we frequently run out of some of them.  As we bottle more from our tanks the wines available in the tasting room change, sometimes on a monthly basis.  Below is a list of some of our most popular wines.

A couple of years ago we launched our Wine Club.  As members of the "Cougar Wine Club" you will receive a shipment of two wines four times per year.  You will get the wines at a 20% discount of the regular retail price and every Club member receives the same discount on any wine they buy from us.  Some of the wines offered to the Club members will be limited release wines that are produced in small quantities and not offered to the rest of the public.  This includes some library vintages from our own private collection that we will release for distribution to the Club members only.  For more information about the Wine Club and to download a membership application please click on Cougar Wine Club



Specific Information about some of our wines

Blanc du Bois - Blanc du Bois is a white grape specifically developed for the hot climate in Southern United States. It is the result of 40 years of cross-breeding at the University of Florida with several vinifera in its lineage, including Muscato. This is very apparent in its fruity and aromatic flavors which makes it a unique white wine reminiscent of a dry Riesling.  Our dry Blanc du Bois has grassy and citrusy aromas and rich flavors of tropical fruits and bananas.  It is a delicate white wine that goes well with mild seafood dishes or pasta.  Since it has been aged in 100% stainless steel it has crisp and lively fruit.  The finish is herbal and spicy with hints of lime.  We also make a semi-sweet Blanc du Bois that we sell under the name Blanc du Bois Blue Label.



     Plantation White


Plantation White - Our Plantation White is a blend of several different white grapes.  It is an unoaked dry white wine with an aromatic nose and crisp citrusy fruit in the finish.  Because it is not aged in oak it is in the style of a Pinot Grigio rather than your typical Chardonnay.  This is an ideal wine for fish or seafood dishes, but it also goes well with light dishes such as Mediterranean food or California cuisine.





Norton - (also known as Cynthiana) is a North American red grape that produces a distinctive complex dry wine with lively fruit and soft tannins. Norton was the very first grape we planted at TCV and we use it for our premium red. Our Norton is powerful on the palate with a rich, yet supple finish due to its rounded and soft tannins. The fruit has cherry and red currants mingling with sweet toasty flavors from a small amount of new American oak. The 2005 and 2006 Norton was a blend of 75% Norton, 15% Syrah and 10% Malbec. Our 2008 Norton is a blend of 85% Norton and 15% Syrah.  Norton is a wine that can be consumed young or aged for 5-10 years for further development in the bottle. We recommend breathing it for at least an hour before serving. 



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Heart of Texas Rosé


Heart of Texas Rosé - Our Heart of Texas Rosé (formerly known as Heart of Texas Blush)  is a light and fruity wine for your immediate enjoyment. It is primarily made from our white wines blended with a mix of traditional red varietals to give it color and a pleasant soft mouthfeel. Our rosé is made with just a hint of residual sugar which we feel better brings out the wine character of the grapes than in the more traditional sweet blush wines. This style of blush combines all the flavors of European Rosés with the softness of California White Zinfandels.





     Plantation Red

Plantation Red - Plantation Red is a Cabernet based blend of red grapes with a fruity and full bodied taste.  Even though there is a large portion of Cabernet Sauvignon it is still a wine with fairly soft tannins.  We achieve that by only oaking parts of the wine.  The oaked wine is blended with wine that has been kept in stainless steel tanks to give you a hint of the oak flavors without overpowering the fruit.  The Plantation Red is a wine that can be enjoyed with spicy dishes or BBQ steaks, or by itself in the shade of your favorite mesquite tree.





     Heart of Texas Red


Heart of Texas Red - This is a smooth and soft red wine made in the style of Italian Chiantis.  Yet, it does not have the sharp acidity sometimes encountered in Chiantis.  In contrast to many young red wines the tannins are very soft making it a pleasant and fruity drinking experience without the "bite" of many of the heavily oaked red wines.  This is a wine that goes well with any kind of food, from picnic to BBQ.  Since its first release in August 2006 it has consistently been one of our best sellers.





     Heart of Texas Cherry


Heart of Texas Cherry - This is a sweet cherry wine made from a blend of grapes and black cherries.  The grapes were produced here in Texas, but the black cherries were grown in Washington State.  To give additional complexity to the nose and the flavor we have added a few percent of oak aged brandy.   The brandy will give you slightly hot and oaky flavors on top of the rich sweetness from the cherries, but the alcohol content is still only 15%  This is your ideal dessert wine, preferably combined with a chocolaty dessert such as chocolate cheese cake, but it can be a dessert on its own...




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Mulsum - This is our most unique wine and our number one seller since its release on Valentines Day 2008.  This is the wine the ancient Romans used to drink before they sat down for their feasts.  It is white wine sweetened with honey.  They called it Mulsum which in latin means "mixture". We have recreated it exactly the way it tasted to the Romans using a 2,000 years old recipe.  It is a sweet wine, but because it is sweetened with honey and not sugar it is not overly sweet.  Instead it has a natural roundness in the mouth with all the delicate fragrances of honey.  This is a wine you can sip, slightly chilled, on any occasion or enjoy with hot ethnic dishes as the honey gently coats the spicy flavors.  But beware, just like the Romans you are apt to end up with empty glasses quickly.  This is the kind of wine that becomes the talk of the evening...


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Glögg - For centuries the Swedish people have been drinking steaming hot glögg during the cold December evenings.  Glögg is a sweet red wine spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, raisins, and a splash of brandy.  You drink it in a mug and warm it up in your microwave to the same temperature as coffee or hot tea.

Our Glögg is an old Swedish family recipe.  It is traditionally consumed with gingerbread cookies, Swedish saffron buns (lussekatter), and extra raisins and almonds in your mug.  We only sell Glögg around Christmas and traditionally it is released on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Every year our Glögg is shipped to 15-20 states around the country.  It has proudly been served at The Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC, The Swedish Consular Office in Dallas, and The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston.




Flamenco - This is the first Sherry produced in Central Texas and we are very proud of it.  It is made in the style of a Spanish Fino, but unfortunately we can not put "Sherry" on the label as it is not produced in Spain.  By calling it "Flamenco" we hope to keep the Spanish connection.  Our Flamenco is a very dry, very oaky Sherry with a complex aftertaste and a characteristic nutty finish.  It is a few percent higher in alcohol than your average wine and is typically enjoyed as a cocktail before dinner or together with Spanish tapas appetizers.  The Flamenco dancer on the label is the owners' daughter.  She danced in a Flamenco dance group when she lived in Houston.  When we released this Sherry the first time the dance group came up from Houston to Waco to perform inside our production building. 



Harrison Plantation Port - The Harrison Plantation Port is our signature wine. We make Port in the same traditional way it has been made for centuries in Europe by interrupting the fermentation half way through with addition of oak aged brandy. This stops the fermentation before it is completed and leaves you with a wine rich in sugar, yet with an alcohol content around 20%. Port is the ultimate dessert wine and can be enjoyed by itself or with sweet desserts or chocolate. Our early vintages of 2005 and 2007 Port was made from Black Spanish and Favorite grapes blended with a few percent of Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, and Malbec. Recent vintages has been a blend of Black Spanish, Malbec and Nebbiolo. It has dark rich flavors of ripe berries, chocolate and butterscotch. A small amount of new American oak adds toast and vanilla flavors to the finish.


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     Sweet Dreams White Port


Sweet Dreams White Port - Sweet Dreams is made from a blend of white grapes including our estate grown Blanc du Bois grapes.  We use techniques similar to making ice wine but with our own Texas twist. This is our most exquisite wine that brings out all the natural tropical fruit flavors of the grapes draped in rich velvety layers of natural sweetness.  Sweet Dreams is always produced in very small quantities and we sell out quickly.  In 2005 and 2007 we produced less than 50 bottles. In recent years we have produced around 80 bottles. We always release the Sweet Dreams the Saturday of Valentines weekend and they are usually all gone by April.




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